Simply Organic Turmeric


It's said that turmeric can never have TURMUCH flavor. Or TURMUCH curcumin (ours has 4%). Or TURMUCH color. (Well, we said that, and that's why ours is really TURMUCH.)

Turmeric With Real Tenacity

heirloom turmeric

Pure, organic turmeric (Curcuma longa) root powder is deep golden-yellow color. Pungent, distinctive aroma. Taste that's warm, earthy and...well, simply hard to describe. Some say it's like ginger and pepper. But it's kind of not. So, just try a bite for yourself.


We get real about helping growers. So real, that we partnered with the Peermade Development Society (PDS) to help convert more than 150 small-scale farmers to growing organic turmeric. Our farmers are growing heirloom alleppey finger varieties, which yield the highest curcumin content of 4%. Farmers typically shy away from heirlooms due to their lower crop yields, but we made a commitment to buy all of the turmeric the project produces. This ensures the farmers' ability to continue growing the high-curcumin heirloom turmeric and guarantees them a profitable market.

golden-yellow, pungent, warm and earthy turmeric

This is your must-have spice for curry powders, Asian and East Indian dishes, and golden milk. For when you want a great flavor bite in pickles, dressings, eggs, cauliflower and rice dishes. And for that POW of potency in your luscious green smoothies.