Simply Organic Ginger


One whiff, and you'll snap to attention. One taste, and you'll swear it's fresh from the root itself.


Ginger With Real Snap

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Don't let its mellow yellow color fool you. There's nothing mellow about the taste of our pure, organic, unsulfited ground ginger (Zingiber officinale). It's warm, aromatic and spicy-sweet, yet earthy — and powerful.

Warm, aromatic, spicy-sweet and earthy ginger

Seriously snappy ginger needs seriously healthy soil. That's why we helped our ginger farmers develop a soil-testing lab to create the ideal soil conditions for the organic ginger plants to thrive. Now, they don’t need to rely on synthetic fertilizers for short-lived gains in soil quality, but have a special set of tools to produce healthy, potent crops for generations to come.

stir fry

This versatile spice goes way beyond gingerbread and other baked goods. You know it in Asian stir-fries, but you'll want to experience its lively taste in vegetables, pork, chicken and beef dishes, as well.