Simply Organic Cumin


Transforms bean soup into chili. Avocado mash into guac. Chickpeas into that 🔥 OR chickpeas into chickPLEASE.

Cumin With Real Kaboom

Swani Spice partnership

Rich, warm, earthy spice flavor. Enticing aroma. True cumin seed color. There's no fake here.

Rich, warm, earthy cumin

With pure organic cumin seed (Cuminum cyminum), incredible taste and quality go well beyond the seed. In our quest to perfect our cumin, we helped one of our cumin growing partners, Swani Spice, to buy two dedicated threshing machines built specifically to process cumin.


Must-have spice for Middle Eastern, North African, Mexican and Indian dishes. Has special synergy with chili powder — if it's not in your favorite chili recipe, it should be. Experience it in your chickpea and veggie burgers, hummus and spreads. And, of course, on popcorn.