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Where's the Flavor?

In a world full of fake, there's one place we can get real. Our food. Because WTF? Where's the flavor? When dinner seems like the job after the job, let's find the flavor fast track. When our kids ask for plastic-wrapped chemical bombs, let's say no to "food" that is more funk than fuel. It's time to say no to fake, and yes to real. Our spices are as real as it gets. And to us, real matters. Real relationships with the farmers that grow our spices. Real quality that you can see and smell. Real taste that packs a punch. More real. Less fake. More bite. Less blah. It's time for real spice. With real bite.



When it comes to purity, we don't mess around. Our true, unadulterated botanicals are grown organically, without the use of toxic pesticides or artificial anything. No imitation flavors. No irradiation. No GMOs. No ETO. All pure flavor.



We're super serious about potency. So serious that we travel to the parts of the world — sometimes even the parts of the tree — that yield the most intense flavors, richest colors and strongest wellness properties.



We don't just travel to find peak potency — we form roots there. And those roots run long and deep. Partnering with the small organic farmers who grow our herbs and spices, we ensure they're genuine and pure, cultivated with care for the land and the community.

Flavor That Packs a Punch